Bossy Mama Christmas Social Worth Attending!

I am a member of a women’s entrepreneurial group called “Bossy Mama”, in Edmonton, AB.  The president of the organization is really quite good at putting on regular social events and does a fantastic job at using social media networks to advertise and get us together.  Each time I sign up to attend, I second guess myself about going (I am a bit on the shy side when it comes to group events); this time was no exception.

As I logged into Facebook earlier today, the social networking site reminded me to attend the event that was to commence at 6pm. There appeared to be a discrepancy for the event’s start time (6 or 7) on Facebook so I decided to play it relatively safe and appeared at the location for 6:30pm (which was at the Phoenix Renewal Centre).  The hosts did an amazing job with the setup. The presentation was attractive, white wine spritzer was served upon entry, and the atmosphere was both lively yet relaxing and comfortable.  All attendees were offered free eyelid lifts, facials, massages and a photo booth was there for people to take fun group shots!

I worked the room for a short bit and chatted with a few people that I recognized from previous functions.  I learned that one of my associates was hoping to launch her website in the next week or so.  After mulling around for awhile, I decided that it was time to leave.  Just as I was about to leave the room and retrieve my coat I hear, “Wait … don’t leave yet.”  Not expecting anyone to beckon me, I turn around and glanced about.  Standing just off to the side of me was a blonde-haired woman. She quickly introduces herself and I do the same.

She said to me, “I wanted to thank you for doing what you do”.  I looked at her puzzled; I wasn’t aware that she knew me or what I do.  I was beginning to wonder if she had me confused with someone else.

She continued to speak, “My step-dad wanted to adopt me.  He got sick with Cancer and wanted to adopt me before he died.  I was an adult already so we really didn’t know what to do.  We eventually figured out what we needed to do but it was really confusing and it was awful and so frustrating!  Thank you that there is someone like you, out there, doing this and helping people to be adopted!”

No my new friend, THANK YOU!

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