A new family

Yesterday, I met one of the most amazing couples along with an amazing 17 yr old birthmother and her mother. The young lady was introduced to the couple (after learning that the couple could not have children) and asked them to adopt her baby when it was born. Over the course of 4 months, the ‘new family’ met many times to get to know one another. They attended doctor’s appointments, met for lunch and dinners, and talked on the phone regularly. The adopting couple were asked to be the ‘birthmother’s’ Lamaze coach and attended classes with her. The couple was then asked to be in the birthing room and help with the birth of the baby.  The baby was born on the 5th; a healthy 9lb 6oz boy! The baby was named jointly (by the adopting parents, the birthmother and her mother). The LOVE I experienced in that hospital room yesterday is unlike anything I have ever felt! This union of strangers has created a new family.  I love my job!

Stay tuned as this amazing birthmother has agreed to write a blog about her experience and granted me permission to post it here.

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