About Small Miracles Adoption

I am a Registered Social Worker (RSW, BSW) based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada specializing in adoption consultation.  For the past several years, I was the Director of one of Alberta’s leading adoption agency providing open adoption services for Albertans.

Based on my experience with the broad range of people represented within the adoption spectrum, I have come to more clearly understand and appreciate the power and role that adoption plays in all stages of family creation and reclamation.  This is particularly true with respect to step-parent, relative and adult adoption. I have also come to realize that other than the four remaining adoption agencies and lawyers, there are few other resources that provide people all the information about the process of adoption.

Small Miracles Adoption focuses on providing private and small group consultation services for couples exploring adoption in Alberta. We also assist persons in completing and filing their step-parent and private placement adoptions.

Adoption is far more than a gesture or legal technicality.  Adoption has the ability to help create and synthesize loving, cohesive and functional family units as well as to heal families and individuals who may be in turmoil as the result of disrupted family structures.

The mission of Small Miracles Adoption is at least partly dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of legal adoption to assist in the creation and synthesis of families, and as a therapeutic tool for families who may be having trouble defining or redefining themselves in either a legal or social sense.

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