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Raising funds for Kaley to keep her family together!

Raising funds for Kayla to keep her family together!

Dear Friends and Families,
I have a client whose husband passed away tragically before we could finish the paperwork for their step-parent adoption.
The parents of her deceased husband are trying to take one of the children away from her (she has a 4 year old son that she is a stepparent to and a 5 month son). The paternal grandparents are taking her to Court to try and get custody of the 4 yr old. My client, Kaley, was a stay-at-home mom and does not have the money for a lawyer. We are raising money to help pay for these costs. Please consider donating by going to our website and clicking the “donate” button.


Help us to help Kaley keep her family together during this dreadful time in their lives!

This article is about Kaley’s husband: