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Small Miracles / Small Miracles: What’s in a name?

When I ventured into the world of adoptions as an entrepreneur, I agonized over what to call my new company.  Understand that I was not opening as a licensed adoption agency (although that had been my background) but instead, my company offers complementary services particularly in terms of independent adoption counselling; and assists in completing and filing court documents for step-parent, adult and private-direct adoption.  With respect to step-families, I believe in the power of legal adoption to relieve at least a portion of the angst experienced by many families formed following domestic upheaval.


I chose “Small Miracles” because it seemed so appropriate.  My friends, colleagues and business advisors cautioned that it did not, “…at a glance…” clearly reflect my product or services; an attribute so important in a world where so much information whizzes by us at light speed.  From my perspective, however, the name was perfect.  At its root, my business was about children, who are both small and miraculous…I loved the imagery and I was excited to attach myself to the idea. Mistakenly, I believed that the name was unique.  An Internet search and the entire corporate registration process failed to reveal a conflict. I was so pleased with my new name and corporate identity!


The many calls that I received inquiring about pet adoption were my first clue that something had gone terribly wrong.  These calls did, however, cause me pause (paws) to wonder if I should add a new product line as there did appear to be a persistent and determined market.


In retrospect, my initial search of the Internet may have been too perfunctory.  How could I have missed the other companies who had, or were still using “Small Miracles” or a similar name?  Regardless, I had one very serious, very concerning, doppelganger.   There had been an “open” adoption agency based in Engelwood, Colorado named “Small Miracles Adoption”.  Worse than the unfortunate name-sharing was the fact that this particular, now defunct, agency has drawn the very public ire of many birth-mothers who express their very personal pain and rage through numerous blog and web-page postings.  I have received many calls from birth mothers looking for assistance with a variety of complaints involving the Colorado agency.  I have attempted to help them and have put them into direct contact with the appropriate State social services agencies; I am touched by their stories.


I support adoption…particularly, I support OPEN adoption.  I am proud to be affiliated with Adoption By Choice (ABC) who I consider to be a particularly ethical and professional organization.


For now, please understand that while I love animals, I cannot help you find a pet and please do not confuse me with Small Miracles Adoption formerly of Englewood, Colorado! We are located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

I Love My Job!

I love my job.  Imagine for a moment that you were the person chosen to tell the Red Deer College plumbing instructors that they had just won $30 million dollars in the lottery; well my job is better!


Sure there’s all kinds of “Good News” situations in which people receive good news, but even their absolute best news can’t top mine.  You see, I am in the “family” business; I am in the “new family” business, the ever-growing stepfamily and blended family business.


Don’t get me wrong, money is great. I think everyone likes, and wants, nice things.  We are all seeking love and approval but, somewhere deep inside each of us, we know that all of this can come and go. No matter how quickly each of us spins our personal treadmills, frets about bills, and worries about not fitting into the clothes we purchased a few months ago, in a primal instinctive way, we all know that the only thing that really matters is our ability to renew ourselves through the endless extension of our interlaced families that stretch back countless generations, and with any hope will extend forward into a possible eternity.


Now imagine that you are told that, for whatever reason, you are not able to create family or that your fractured family can not be renewed.  Imagine actually being blocked from that great cosmic cycle of human renewal.  Surely you would welcome even the smallest of miracles!


The miracle of renewal that I help bring to people is that of adoption, specifically private placement adoption and stepparent adoption.  Suddenly what did not seem possible, is accomplished.  I get to tell people who have struggled with conception, “Congratulations!  You are now parents.”, or tell stepfamilies that they are no longer “blended” or “combined”  but legally “whole”, for the first time and that they are able to legally share the bond of a common family name. 


If you think people are happy when they win the lottery or get that big promotion, think of how the people I work with react when I tell them that their adoption has been granted!


A couple of months ago I met a young couple from Northern Alberta. Tania and Steve had just married, were newly pregnant, and Steve announced that he wanted to adopt his bride’s son. After meeting and gathering the pertinent information, I prepared their stepparent adoption and am almost ready to file the adoption application in Court.  I can hardly wait to call them, when the time comes, and let this new dad know that he is the legal father of this little boy and that his son now has the same last name.  Can you imagine the joy and the happiness?


Less than two weeks ago, I sat in the living room of Susan and Kathy, an amazing couple who were in the process of resigning themselves to the fact that they would likely never be able to make that leap from being a couple to becoming a family.  Despite their love and commitment, biology prevented them from passing along their quintessential elements, of who they were as individuals and as a couple to children who could, in turn, repeat that transfer to their children. They excitedly shared their story of how they were approached by a pregnant woman (in her early 20’s) and asked if they wanted to adopt her baby.  Well, that baby has been born and this couple are now new parents; and have an open adoption so that the birthmother and the child could know each other. Once the adoption application is filed, and I am notified of the adoption being granted, I am honoured once again to make that wonderful phone call congratulating a new ‘legal’ family!  I love my job, I help create small miracles.


Edie Pendleton, BSW RSW